SSLVPN - Wifi drops when connected (solution!)


If someone has had the problem that when SSLVPN gets connected the Wifi drops and you can´t connect to anything.

We have had this problem on some clients, and yesterday I found a solution.
The setup we use is HP Elitebooks and in UEFI/BIOS we always enable "LAN/WLAN Auto Switching" that is here ->Advanced->Built-in Device Options. So when a LAN cable is connected it should stop Wifi.

But apperently having this enabled in bios can cause the problem of Wifi stops working when SSLVPN gets enabled (connected).
So after I disable this setting in bios - SSLVPN started to work (Wifi adapter doesn´t stop).



  • Same here with a elitebook X360 Thank you for the heads up!

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