Internet downtime log

Watchguard M200 on 12.5 FW
Logging to Dimension

Where can I simply find the "times the internet was down". For the life of me I can't find a simple spot to locate this. We suspect the internet was down this weekend for a small period of time at one of my clients because some things got reset but after an hour of looking through Dimension I can't find anything that tells me so. Don't know what I am looking for!


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    Internet down can be caused by many things.
    1) your external interface is down - look for logs like this:
    2019-10-14 11:10:31 networkd [eth0] Interface link status changed to down msg_id="3100-002C" Event
    2019-10-14 11:11:33 networkd [eth0] Interface link status changed to up msg_id="3100-002C" Event
    2) something upstream from your external interface is down - you need to have Link Monitor enabled on your external interface to detect this.
    3) the DNS server used to resolve Internet based domain names is down - if you are not logging DNS packets, then it is hard to detect this

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    Ok, link monitor is what I was missing. I have that setup somewhere else and wondered why it wasn't doing the same thing here.

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