SSID Blocking MAC Address

AP 420 & 325

An authorized WIPS client PC connects to the network via the Secure wifi SSID.
WIPS is disabled.

This morning the PC can’t connect to the secure SSID, but can connect to the open guest SSID.

So I log into Wi-Fi Cloud > Manage > Events to see what is happening with this client. All it says is “Client connected to Authorized Guest AP” and is categorized as “Misbehaving Client” because the Guest SSID is open. (I find this very annoying btw, but get why it happens) No quarantine (no WIPS running), no reason why it won’t connect.

So I open Discover > Monitor > Clients > click on the three dots of said client and choose the “Disable Auto-Prevention” thinking this would do the trick.


Opening the Client Connection Logs in Discover, I see the entry “MAC Filtering The access point denied client authentication because client is not allowed to connect to the SSID.”
My question is How in the heck does one remove the blocked MAC from the SSID? I poked, prodded, pleaded (all the while my end user is standing in my office doorway glaring at me) and couldn’t find a way.

Eventually I ended up whitelisting the client MAC in Discover > Configure > WiFi > Secure SSID > SSID > Access Control > Blacklist and Whitelisting of WiFi Clients.

Now, because of my changes, this particular client is now immune to any WIPS security. Sorta defeating the purpose of WIPS

Is there a better way of handling this? And why was the client’s MAC blocked in the SSID? There were no event entries regarding this, and no suggestions on how to remedy the problem.

Or is it just me?

  • Doug

It's usually something simple.

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