Unable to see or ping anything while VPN'd in.

Running an M470 with XTM 12.5

I'm sure it's probably just a tick box somewhere. I have 2 Mobile VPN with IPSEC configurations mirrored with near identical settings. However with one I can ping and remote desktop to servers. With the newly created one I am able to connect successfully, but unable to see or ping anything. Ideas or suggestions? I am using the Shrewsoft client.



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    What do you see in Traffic Monitor when you connect using the 2nd config ?
    Unhandled MUVPN packet or similar suggests that your Userid does not have the new IPSec config name in the Member list of Authentication Groups.

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    Unhandled MUVPN packets are exactly what I'm seeing. I have the new group listed in policy manager under setup - authentication - users & groups. My login is a member of that group. Is there somewhere else I should be looking?

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    Bruce you set me on the right patch. It was a setting on Auth Point in the cloud group name. I think we're all set. Thanks again!

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    Setup -> Authentication -> Authentication Servers -> select the user ID -> Edit

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