HTTP(S) Content Action & Revese-Proxy : Questions


I haven't worked in a long time on WatchGuard fws and i've got a few questions.

I need to do HTTP and HTTPS Revese-Proxy for a client (basically just rerouting trafic according to the URL) and I couldn't make it work.

Right now, I have a Action Content filter with the domains I need to reroute.

This filter is configured in a HTTP(S) Proxy Policy with the Firebox itself as the destination (External IP Address).

The rule is matched, but there isn't any matching on the URL and I always end up getting a Access Denied from the firewall.

I've got 3 main questions, for the rest I'll leave you make me any advice you might think that could help me :

Does the Destination field HAS TO be a SNAT address? I read that in some documentation, but i'am not sure.

Does the trafic HAS TO come from the External interface, or can I also do Revese-Proxy between 2 Internal Trusted interfaces?

Regarding HTTPS, can you confirm that the box is able to route the trafic based on the SNI? By asking that I mean rerouting HTTPS without doing any SSL Inspection

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you guys! ;-)


  • Just to be clear - you are using the Access Portal, correct?
    If so, the Access Portal is for remote (external) users

    About the Access Portal portal/access_portal_about.html

  • Sir,

    I'am not using the Access Portal (I do not have the subscription). I just need to redirect the trafic according to the URL.

  • Then that is not a reverse proxy.

    From External - you need to use a SNAT or 1-to-1 NAT, assuming that your internal server has a private IP addr.
    From internal, you need to do NAT loopback for this to work.

    "To use an HTTP content action in an HTTPS proxy action, you must enable content inspection and configure a domain name rule with the Inspect action."

    Use an HTTP Content Action in an HTTPS Proxy Policy

  • Well yeah it's more like classic Proxy, sorry.

    Anyway, I did read this documentation but they say, here : "To use an HTTP content action in an HTTPS proxy action, you must enable content inspection and configure a domain name rule with the Inspect action."

    However, in other papers, I read that Content Action on HTTPS has been supported on SNI (so WITHOUT inspection) since version 12, for example :

    That's why I'am lost actually.

    Any tought on this?

    Anyway, I will try again with a NAT rule from the External interface to try to make it work.

  • Since the latest docs on Content Action say you need to do Inspect, then I believe that.
    If SNI was an acceptable alternative, then I would expect it to be in the docs.

  • Than you for your reply!

    I will try it and keep you updated. If it doesn't work, I will consider installating the servers certificate and Inspect the trafic.

    I still have a few question.
    Do I have to use HTTP(S) Proxy 'Server' or 'Client' in my case?

    Also, correct me if i'am wrong, but for classic HTTP the routing decision based on URL has to be put in a Action Content, and Action Proxy can be linked to it. So in the policy, do I have to specify the Action Proxy or the Action Content?

    For HTTPS, routing decision based on URL can either be put in Action Proxy or Action Content, what is the better solution in my case?

    Sorry if I'am not clear, this is kind of a mess ;-)

  • If you are using the Web UI, IMHO setting up proxies are more difficult and less obvious than doing it in WSM Policy Manager.

    You use a Client proxy action for policies which protect your clients which are going to a server.
    You use a Server proxy action for policies which protect your server(s) which are being accessed.

    For what you want to do, you do need to have a Content Action associated with a HTTP and/or HTTPS proxy policy.

  • Alright,

    Thank you for your answer and for your time.

    I will test that ASAP and keep you informed.

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