Shrewsoft client on 12.5.1

Hi All,
I can't find anything in the release notes, but does the 12.5.1 release still support the shrewsoft client please? I note it's not offered as a client download for this firmware.
We plan to move away from it asap, but updating to latest FW was step 1.

Many thanks


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    It works for me

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @LukeBuckley

    It's still supported, however, it hasn't been updated in quite some time. I'd recommend looking into the IKEv2 VPN if you'd like to continue using IKE/IPSEC, or SSLVPN if you want control over routes.

    Windows 10, specifically the last several updates, tend to cause DNS problems for the client. While they can be worked through and solved, most admins choose to move to a different client, as the changes must be made manually on each client PC.

    The WatchGuard IPSec client provided by NPC is also an option and is updated regularly. However, it does have a licensing fee associated with it. It is heavily discounted vice the same universal client provided by NPC themselves.)

    Thank you,

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    For whatever, I have no issues running the Shrew client on Windows 10, including the last 2 major versions.
    I'm now at Win 10 1903.

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    Thanks chaps

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