Rename SD-WAN Action Name

is it possible to rename an SD-WAN Action after it is created or do I have to start over and create a new Action then modify all of the policies related to it?

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    I believe you have to delete the old action and create a new one.

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    Thanks James and Brian. At first glance I didn't see that I could rename the clone, but another look proved the way to go indeed is clone, rename then modify policies. It is not really much faster than starting over, but I'll take it.

    One of the SDWAN Actions that I will be cloning/renaming is the Allow SSLVPN-Users.1 action. This will be my first attempt at this, and no test environments, so I'm creating a backup and hoping it plays nice... LoL

    Thanks again James and Brian for your advice.

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    Many of us use Notepad++ to make occasional editing changes to our config files, such as changing something which can not be renamed via the GUIs.
    Make sure that you have a good backup of your config prior to making any changes to it using an editor.

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