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Dear Sirs,
I am new to Watshguard solutions, it looks very nice and I think I will really enjoy using it. I have at this new company a M500 appliance. By my mistake I disabled the rule to allow access to the 8080 port. I am now unable to access the web interface. Is there a command or I can use on the serial interface to Enable ir again? Will a reboot to the appliance solve my mistake?

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Ricardo Oliveira


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    Download WSM 12.5.1 management suite (, install WatchGuard System Manager, connect to the box, then use Policy Manager to edit the config to re-enable the web UI, save it to the Firebox. I use Policy Manager for about 99% or more of my Firebox management. I also always change the web UI port to 8888 because 8080 conflicts with wireless devices I use.

    I am sure that the CLI has a way to re-enable the web UI, but using Policy Manager is easier in the long run.

    Gregg Hill

  • Using the web UI is a live edit and changes are saved immediately. Rebooting won't revert a saved change.

    Gregg Hill

  • If you only disabled the web UI 8080 rule, and not the port 4100 rule, then you don't need to use the CLI to re-enable the web UI rule. You can use Policy Manager as I noted.

    Gregg Hill

  • hi, i have the same problem as rjoliveira but i cant connect to the firebox with the system manager? any solutions? its gave me this error:wsm was unable to connect. the following error has occurred: permission error please login with the status username and password for readonly access.

  • With the Web UI, you can log in with either the status (read) user ID/password or the update user ID/password.
    For WSM, you need to log in using status (read) user ID/password. You can't use the update user ID/password to log into WSM or WSM components.

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