T30 can't reset

I lost connection with my T30 and tryed reset the box.

1 - Power off the device
2 - Held the reset button and power on the device. The Attn light not blink.

tryed plug the cable in the port 1/LAN and device dont give me the ip 10.0.1.x. and not ping


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    How long did you hold the reset button after powering on ?
    It sometimes can take more that 1 minute.

    Directions from the T30 Hardware Guide and here:

    1. Power off the Firebox.
    2. Press and hold the Reset button on the back of the device.
    3. While you continue to hold the Reset button, power on the Firebox.
    4. Continue to hold the button until the Attn indicator begins to flash. Then release the button. Do not power off the Firebox yet.
    5. Wait until the Attn indicator stays lit and does not flash. This process can take 75 seconds or more.
    6. Power off the Firbox.
    7. Power on the Firebox again.The Firebox restarts with factory-default settings

    If you have a current LiveSecurity license for this firewall, open a support incident

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    I tryed press and hold for 3 or 4 minutes. step by step a lot of times...

    My license expired last month, I would like to know if the T30 will be back to work, and soo I will renew the license.

    If the T30 not work more, can I exchange the license to another T30? Do you know?

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    Normally IF you have an active LiveSecurity license, then you can get an advanced replacement firewall. Since yours is expired - no idea. Contact Customer Care.

    You can contact Customer Care and see what your options are.

    To contact Customer Care:
    1) you can do this on the support portal - use the Support Center link above
    2) by the following form
    3) or by phone
    877.232.3531 option 1 or +1.206.613.0456 International

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    Maybe it is a new feature? You have one month to renew or it explodes!

    Adrian from Australia

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    Kaboom !!

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    Probably a Web UI feature ;)

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    RalphRalph WatchGuard Representative


    Connect to it via console cable, set putty to Serial connection with 115200 speed and boot. This will tell you why it won't reset. If you end up at the login prompt, log in and check out the config.

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    Hello Ralph, I connected the console cable and showed that: (https://drive.google.com/open?id=12mmZ3cSL14riMS8rdQXF-SvKitHuDu__).

    "ERROR: can't get kernel image!" :o

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    Looks like your firewall is dead

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    how can it stopped alone... :s

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    Possible a power surge.
    Electronics do not live forever

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    My T30 is up for renewal in less than sixty days, I better get cracking with the renewal/replacement. :D

    Adrian from Australia

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    edited September 2019

    @xxup said:
    My T30 is up for renewal in less than sixty days, I better get cracking with the renewal/replacement. :D

    I just replaced a client's T50 with a T35. It's much cheaper, and it's faster.


    Gregg Hill

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