XTM 800 CF Card

Hello there, the cf card of my xtm 800 has become corrupt after a thunder storm power loss, and now the firewall won't boot. I've bought a new card, but now i dont have the software for it, anyone knows how to get it?


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    If you have an Active LiveSecurity license, then you can open a support incident and get a replacement unit shipped to you.
    I am not aware of any place where you can get/download the contents for a CF card, and the contents may well me model or firewall family specific.

    Depending on how bad the old card it, perhaps you can copy the contents of the old card to the new card. Someone did this successfully many years ago.

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    Thank you for the response. I don't have active license. and the old card is pretty dead. Thank you

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    You can contact Customer Care and see what your options are.

    To contact Customer Care:
    1) you can do this on the support portal - use the Support Center link above
    2) by the following form
    3) or by phone
    877.232.3531 option 1 or +1.206.613.0456 International

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    Thank you so much.

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    Worse case, you can buy a working twin unit on ebay, copy the card to your card, get your unit working again and update the feature key (which I hope you wrote down), and then sell off the unit you bought or keep it as a spare.

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