VirginMedia Cable and M200

Hi, we have a WG M200 on a VirginMedia (UK) cable 500Mbps, the service comes with 5 static IPs.

The Hitron VM router is assigned (in modem mode) the first IP (automatically when it boots) and the WG M200 has the second Ip static on its external, with the others as secondary on external, this all works fine but the speeds are quite slow, if I plug a laptop directly in to the VM router in modem mode its much quicker.

Has anyone had any experience of a WG on VM? and help would be appreciated.
we are not using any WG threat management, its a basic setup, "any out" and a couple of packet filters in on low use incoming sNAT. Thanks


  • Could be a speed/duplex mismatch between the firewall External interface and the modem.
    In WSM Firebox System Manager -> Status Report - look at the Interfaces section and see if there are collisions or errors. These usually mean a speed/duplex mismatch or a bad Ethernet cable.

    If this does not seem to be your issue, consider opening a support incident to get WG help in sorting this out. You can use the SUPPORT CENTER link at the top of the screen to do this.

  • James_CarsonJames_Carson WatchGuard Representative

    Please also note that the M200/300 don't support half duplex on ports 0, 1, and 2. If the ISP device is wanting to use that, you'll want to configure it on one of the other available ports.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

  • And using half duplex will slow down throughout

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    only just seen this guys, thanks for the input.
    The configuration has changed a bit since initial implementation.

    Virgin Media fixed a couple of their issues in the early days of this setup and its quite stable now but dependent on which speed tester you use it gives varying results.

    VM say use and thats normally up around 300Mbps download and 32Mbps upload. Download should be 500Mbps and upload is correctly stated.

    The WG M200 uses optional eth7 for VirginMedia 500Mbps cable auto negotiation.

    I also now use eth6 optional for multi WAN to 80Mbps TIMICO fibre which was our backup internet line, multi wan works fine and did not impact on the original speed slowness of the VM.

    Trusted LAN traffic on eth1 auto negotiation.

    ISP Virgin Media say "if you receive static IPs from us they are delivered via a VPN tunnel from the provider, so because of that expect speeds to be much slower if using their static IPs, on average 250Mbps", which is probably what we are seeing.

    so not sure there is much we can do?
    maybe change trusted to an optional as well?


  • Changing an interface type, such as from trusted to optional, will not improve throughput.
    It appears that your limitation is from your ISP.

  • cheers Bruce, that's what I thought as well.

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