[Discussion] iPhone 7 losing connection to Firebox managed AP 125

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I have an open support case on this issue but wanted to start a discussion here in hopes of learning if this is an issue others experience as well. Does anyone else have any issues with iPhone 7 devices losing connection while on AP 125, Firebox managed?

A little about the setup:

In our environment we have AP 125 across 5 floors. Roughly 5 APs per floor. Both 2.4 and 5 Ghz is enabled. Single SSID. Min Association RSSI enabled. Smart Steering enabled. Band Steering enabled with Apple-compatible settings of -70 (this is when iPhones look for new AP according to their administrator documentation).

Only iPhone 7 devices are affected. When stationary and when roaming. Occurs roughly 3-5 times a day for stationary users (that users were able to observe anyway). Smart Steering seems to have mitigated the worst roaming issue; but leaving a covered zone causes the issue. When issue occurs, the device is connected to SSID, but no traffic is passed. Tried with and without Apple's WiFi Assist; it's currently disabled as we continue our troubleshooting to avoid devices jumping off wifi and onto 4G/LTE.

Various Android-based devices and other iPhone models have been tested and do not experience this issue.

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