Firebox T series and PoE not outputting 802.3at?

Not sure if this is one for support to answer/review, but since I've seen it on two different Firebox T series appliances figured I'd ask here in case I'm seeing things.

The hardware spec sheets for both the T35-W and T40-W I have at home mention that port 4 supplies PoE power at the 802.3at standard.
The last two times I've plugged in different Aruba APs into those PoE ports I've noticed that the AP goes into a restricted power mode which only happens when it is powered by a 802.3af power source.
(I've verified this with one of the Aruba APs by doing a tech-support dump and reading the data to ascertain what power source it thinks it has).

I do have a T45-W-PoE that I will be commissioning at some point to replace the T40-W, however have this gut feeling it might have the same issue (ie. the PoE port only outputs at 802.3af - at least for the Aruba APs).

I can probably get my hands on an older WatchGuard AP225W from work to try (the primary reason for using a different AP is due to the internal APs on the T35-W and T40-W being single radio only), but wondering if anybody has come across this or is it some peculiarity that only happens with this combination of hardware?
I do have a PoE injector and separate PoE switch (both 802.3at) that I can use but was hoping to not have to press that into service if possible as this setup is a bit more compact as such.


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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @PhilT_VIT
    The firewalls you mentioned do output via PoE+ (802.3at.) However, they do not support LLDP (they will not announce) that they do so.

    I would suggest asking Aruba how they're determining this -- if their APs are expecting LLDP to be present, it will not be.

    If their devices are trying to draw more power than the Fireobox can provide, they may de-rate power consumption, or they may simply shut down. If these are newer APs, it may be possible that they're drawing more power than can be provided with the older models of fireboxes.

    AP225W runs via my T35 and T40 with no issues, so I suspect that Aruba's AP may simply be trying to draw too much power.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    @james.carson said:
    Hi @PhilT_VIT
    The firewalls you mentioned do output via PoE+ (802.3at.) However, they do not support LLDP (they will not announce) that they do so.

    Did a quick search and it does appear that Aruba APs use LLDP to negotiate power requirements from the connected (switch) port, which explains why it uses the lowest common denominator power-wise (ie. 802.3af) since the Firebox doesn't support LLDP.

    Presumably the AP225W doesn't need to do that hence why it'd work with that port in 802.3at mode.
    I'll do a few tests and go from there, and probably end up using either the PoE injector or commission a PoE+ switch I have (which does LLDP) in between.


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