Mobile user issue when trying to get to secondary network

We have a IKev2 VPN set up for a customer. We have a secondary range with some servers on it. The mobile users are not able to reach any of the servers that are on the secondary network. They can ping the gateway and can reach the servers they need to on the primary. Any idea of what I am missing? I have tried to set up policies between the networks but nothing seems to be working.

interface 1
Primary /24

VPN users get an IP of

No issues going to primary network addresses.


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    Have you selected the "Force all client traffic through the tunnel" option on the IKEv2 VPN setup on your firewall config?

    If not, then you need to have all desired destinations entered in the "Specify allowed resources", and I believe that you need to redistribute the IKEv2 VPN client install to those end users, or they need to manually modify their local IKEv2 VPN parameters.

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    Thank you, that worked

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