Communication between subnets and BOVPN

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I'm looking for solution how to communicate between Subnets and gain access to remote device (Access Point)

At the moment in my organization we use BOVPN between Head Office (HO) , warehouses(WH) and branches (BR).
WH and bigger BR are connected with BOVPN and tunnels, small BR use Zyxel routers and IPSec.

Trusted(wired) interface in HO is set on subnet with IP 192.168.X.0/24
Wi-Fi and Wireless controller are on subnet 172.24.X.0/24(management network) with 3 other VLAN`s 172.21.X.0/24 , 172.22.X.0/24 , 172.23.X.0/24

In WH and BR setup is very similar just IP is different for the site.

At the moment HO and WHs have own Wi-Fi controllers(Ubuquti APs), my org want to centralize everything including Wi-Fi controllers so I'm looking for solution how to make them accessible.

I tried to find solution by myself in google as well as with AI help but still cannot establish connection between HO and HW/BR devices.

Example of WH/BR tunnel config:

I will be very grateful for any help and ideas.


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    You need to add the subnet of your wireless controllers to both sides of the BOVPN tunnel

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