Internal/External Access

Morning All,

Been smashing my head against a wall with this one for a little while now, thought I'd reach out for some help.

We have a CCTV system that can be accessed from the Web by using a SNAT rule to direct the Hikvision ports to it, works fine.

What doesn't work is accessing the CCTV via it's external IP address whilst within the network, using the Hikvision App.

Tried a few things from old forum threads but still none the wiser:

  • Network>NAT> New Dynamic NAT rule that takes any traffic from the Internal VLAN to the external IP of the network and set the source IP to that of the WatchGuard - this is inline with what Bruce_Briggs posted here.
  • I also have the following rule implemented which goes from my Internal VLAN to the SNAT rule, listed here

As mentioned before neither seem to be working but only on the Hikvision app, any ideas would be greatly appreciated - maybe this is better suited on a Hikvision forum as it does seem the rules are working...?



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