Prior notifications for upcoming EDR Core updates

How do we get these?

All of a sudden, they just appear on my site's PCs - Update now or remind later.

I would like to have some prior notification that an update will be coming soon.


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    David_David_ WatchGuard Representative

    Hello, @Bruce_Briggs

    We always provide the option for a manual upgrade, before forcing it:

    Just if after sometime, you have not manually deployed the upgrade, we do force it for security reasons. But prior to forcing it we will allow some time for you to plan the upgrade.

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    However, that is not my request.
    I still would not get any notification that an update is coming/available, and needs to be deployed.
    Some of us have other duties, and do not check WG cloud components regularly.

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    David_David_ WatchGuard Representative
    edited June 11

    I completely understand your concern, but that is our notification an update is available.
    It can easily be check by the Network administrator while reviewing on the antivirus status. It will be there for a couple of months before forcing the upgrade from our premises.

    I understand this could be disappointing, but we do not have another policy covering product upgrades.

    Kind regards,

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    "It can easily be check by the Network administrator while reviewing on the antivirus status"

    Please explain this. What antivirus status?

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    David_David_ WatchGuard Representative

    Hello @Bruce_Briggs

    When the Network admin is checking on the WatchGuard EDR/EPDR/EDR core, a quick glance at the notifications bell can be performed.
    By antivirus Status, I mean the health status on the protected network:
    Checking the status page, the detections, the health on the installed protections, etc, etc.


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    I 100% agree with you Bruce.

    • Doug

    It's usually something simple.

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    Unfortunately, too many software companies do not subscribe to the The Principle of Least Astonishment.


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    1. How do I see the EDR Core version applied to my PCs from the ERD Core section of WG Cloud? I have looked but I do not see it anyplace.

    2. I don't understand what the versions of EDR Core were for the various earlier versions as shown in the Release Notes.
      Example - what is the version number for the Release Date: 18 April 2024 (Resolved Issues).

    3. My PC shows V8.0.22 was installed on June 7.
      However, the Release note only show Release Date: 10 June 2024 and list v8.00.22.0025.
      The previous releases in the Release Notes shows Release Date: 26 April 2024 (Hot Fixes) and then release Date: 18 April 2024 (Resolved Issues), and shows no version number for either.

    How is it possible for my PC to have gotten an update prior to June 10 ???
    If supposedly the 8.0.22 would not be immediately forced on my PCs, why was it ????

    NONE of this makes any sense.

    Please explain this for me.

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    Additionally, an EDR Core update was forced on my PC around April 29.
    How long is the grace period prior to having a release being forced on PCs?

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    David_David_ WatchGuard Representative

    Hi, @Bruce_Briggs .

    I will try to cover all your points. If I miss something or I am not too clear on anything, just let me know.

    1. In order to see the version available for your devices, click on the dented wheel at the top right, and select About. This will provide the version which can be installed on your devices. To see the real version installed on your devices, you can click on the list of devices, and if they are pending update, you will be told there, the status your devices are in:
    2. The release on the 18th of April was not a full version, but minor bug fixes. The version remains the same as in 29th of February, but with minor changes.
    3. 8.0.22 is not a full version ID, on June the 7th the version that probably was upgraded to was which was the one available for the date you mention.
      when there are minor fixes or hotfixes releases, the version is the same as the existing one at that point in time. when we are in the middle of developing a new version but we find urgent to release a hotfix, to a certain problem, we do not number the hotfix release as a new version.
    4. On June the 10th, two days ago, teh was release, and that is the one you do have either pending to be applied, or already applied manually by you.

    The grace period varies, is not always the same. I would not be able to present an answer to that query.

    Hope this explains your doubts,

    Kind regards,

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    FYI - 8.0.22 is what is shown in the Windows Program & Feature list for WatchGuard EDR Core.
    The PSANHost.exe installed version is
    So how is it possible that I have installed on June 7?
    Or did get installed on June 7 and got installed without notification and a need for a reboot ?????
    And when I looked yesterday, there was no pending upgrades for my PCs.

    It would be very helpful to have the Release Notes list accurately reflect what has really happened and also include the version numbers for prior releases, such as for
    February 29 release.

    Incomplete documentation of releases is not helpful to us when trying to understand what has happened.

    Odd to me that a version with minor changes does not have a different version number from the prior version.
    That is certainly my experience with other WG products.

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    David_David_ WatchGuard Representative

    Hi, @Bruce_Briggs

    Most of those minor changes come in the form of released Hotfixes, but not as released version as such.
    What I mean is, we do release the hotfix but not install it on all devices, as not all devices might need the hotfix. So that is released and it is available for whomever needs it. We send it as an independent exe file to be added to the actual release installed on the devices.
    If you would like to know exactly how the upgrading process on your device went, you can open a case to our support department, and we can study the history on this device, and provide exactly what has happened.
    Also the request for a more detailed documentation can be requested following the same procedure.
    Please send an email to support@watchguard.com specifying exactly your query, so we will process it through the appropriate channels.

    Kind regards,

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