Need to provide Exam Voucher Code for 2nd Attempt

Need to provide Exam Voucher Code for 2nd Attempt

By mistake I select online proctored exam instead of onsite proctored exam.

Voucher code has been used,but I refund the payment successfully.

Now,Iam unable to use voucher code...Can i get other voucher code?

“We have completed the refund process for your assessment.

Please save this information as this e-mail is your receipt and print this page for your records.

The following assessment for the login of Waseem0314 has been Refunded with the following amount: $100.00.

Assessment: Network Security Essentials
Amount Refunded: $-100.00
Refund Transaction Confirmation #: 4f47d9ce67fcf4205e8d269e56ef42bf
Refund Date: 08/15/2019

Please do not reply to this e-mail as it is automatically generated from our testing system.
If you have questions please contact WatchGuard Technologies at exams@watchguard.com. “


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    Hi Waseem

    Have you tried emailing exams@watchguard.com yet? I've had pretty good responses from them in the past.

    Cheers, James

    All Fireboxes (T-Series, M-Series, FireboxV, Firebox Cloud etc.); EPDR, Advanced EPDR/Cytomic, Orion (Threat Hunting); WiFi, AuthPoint. WSC/Cloud. Management of a few hundred Fireboxes, and a few thousand EPDR endpoints. Platinum Partner. Views my own (if any!).

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