Is there a known solution to SSLVPN problems on Windows 11 Home?

According to the Audit log, I manage to establish a connection, but the connection is immediately disconnected again. I have tested on a computer with Windows 11 Pro and it works fine. However, I am unable to find any reasonable explanation as to why this problem occurs on Windows 11 Home.


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    You need administrator privileges to install the TAP driver during the SSLVPN install.
    Did that get installed?

    What do you see in Traffic Monitor when this is tried?

    " the Audit log" meaning the SSLVPN client log?

    Do you have an Antivirus product other than the default one from Microsoft?
    If so, that might be the issue.

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    edited May 27

    FYI - the WG SSLVPN client is based on the OpenVPN SSLVPN client, and from an Internet search, I don't see general issues related to getting the OpenVPN client working on Windows 11 Home.

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    Thanks for your input. I uninstalled a version of McAfee och re-installed the client as administrator and now int is working fine.

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