Migration from Fortinet to Watchguard.

Dear Team.

One of our customer is usen fortinet F100 and customer is planning to get WatchGuard M290.
Did we have any tools to convert Fortinet F100 configuration to Watchguard M290 or any other way to migrate from Fortigate to Watchguard.

Santosh M.K.


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    I am not aware of any conversion tools from other firewall brands to a WatchGuard config.

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    Thansk for reply,
    Can you suggest any option so we can make WatchGuard M290 up and working.

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    First you should prepare a list of what the firewall needs to do, based upon what you have set up on your Fortinet.
    This is in addition to knowing your internal network setup - subnets, VLANs etc.
    Then you set up polices to implement these on your WG.

    The default config on a WG firewall allows internal devices to access the Internet, but no Internet access to internal devices, such as web servers, mail severs etc.

    Additionally you need to decide if you want to use any of the proxy policies, such as HTTPS or SMTP, to inspect packet content and potentially deny or strip some of it.
    These could be implemented later, if desired, once one has the main firewall functions working as desired.

    There are 2 main tools to manage a WG firewall, the Web UI, and Windows based Policy Manager.
    Changes are applied immediately using the Web UI.
    Changes are not using Policy Manager - you can make multiple changes and then when desired upload the changed config to the firewall.

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