Report: SMTP Proxy - Recipient

Why did the email address show on the Report twice in different forms?
e.g. peterchan@testingwgxyz.com & Peterchan@testingwgxyz.com

How to interpret such details under "Bytes Transferred (MB), Count " if the email showed twice?

They showed various details under the report.

Thank you.


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    What is the source of this report?
    Where is it being generated?
    Dimension -> Report tab, Mail section ?

    If so, then these reflect the Sender or Recipient name found in an SMTP transmission.
    So you would add those numbers to get the total for both spellings of the email user name.


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    If the same recipient name (upper & lower case) shown on the SMTP-Proxy Dimension report, how to solve this issue.

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    Prevent senders from sending the e-mail name format that you don't like?

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    Just want to change all email address format to lower case shown on the SMTP proxy report.

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    Currently not an option it seems.
    Post for this as a feature enhancement.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    In this case, the upper/lower characters are valid. Some email systems may interpret them as different addresses. (The same holds true for usernames when using single-sign on in reports, Windows treats the JAMES and james as the same user, but some other OSes do not.

    You may see similar issues with your reports if users attempt to append a folder to their email for auto-sorting. james+forums@domain.com would show up as a different user in reports from james@domain.com. The firewall is simply going to match characters as they are received for reports, as it has no idea how your mail server will interpret that.

    The firewall is logging the user address as is presented to it.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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