WSM uninstall woes


I see a few posts about this on older versions, so I thought this would be fully resolved. When I attempt to uninstall the Watchguard Systems Manager from, well, any device I have it installed on (Windows Server, Windows 10, Windows 11, doesn't matter), I get this message:
Runtime Error (at -1:0):
Cannot Import dll:C:\Windows\system32\IssProc.dll.

If I try to reinstall the same version, it gives me the same message about the file, but then points me towards the path of the temporary install directory. What is going on here and how do I fix this? This causes me to not be able to uninstall or update WSM on any device we have it installed on. Since we are currently on 12.8.1 and need to update WSM to 12.10 prior to updating our Fireboxes to 12.10, this is very necessary for me to resolve.

Thanks for any assistance you all can give. I am going to attempt to create a support ticket for this as well.


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