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Hello everyone,

We are in the process of onboarding a new client who has I believe a 290 firebox, which we will retain. The current IT support company are being less than helpful in the handover.

The client recently had a new 1GB leased line installed which came with a new static WAN address. We have no experience with Watchguard, but I think the current IT company are trying it on by stating to the client that it will a whole day of config to configure the Firebox to work on the new WAN?? I find this hard to believe. We don't yet have the login for the unit to familiarise ourselves, but sure a change of WAN is a case of a few entries. Can someone advise?


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    Without more info, yes it can be as simple as adding a new WAN interface, and setting up the Multi-WAN preference - such as old WAN 1st, then new WAN as failover - or whatever.
    Then when the new WAN is fully active, just change the Multi-WAN preference to the new WAN 1st and the old WAN as failover etc.
    Then when the testing using the new WAN is completed, the old WAN can be removed physically and from the config.

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    Thanks, that seems logical, without ever using the device my experience tells me the current IT service provider are ripping the proverbial in stating it's a days charge! Won't know exactly until we get the credentials and can actually access the device.
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    However, if there are several or many BOVPN's connecting to this firewall, then the changes can be more complex - dealing with adding additional BOVPN gateways at both endpoints during the transition to the new WAN.

    Also if there are client VPN connections, then there are possible changes there too in the config.

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    Ok, well it's good to know there is a busy community should we need help! Thanks. 25 years in and still learning!!
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