Firebox SNMP ifIndex mismatch


I've been querying a Firebox M470 SNMP data to get reachable devices from it and noticed something strange:
According to RFC 4293, for ipNetToPhysicalTable ( ---/get/ ), the first part of the index is ipNetToPhysicalIfIndex which should match the ifIndex for that interface - "The interface identified by a particular value of this index is the same interface as identified by the same value of the IF-MIB's ifIndex."
However the entries here do not match the if-indices from the ifTable ( ---/get/ ). In particular from ipNetToPhysicalTable, I am getting entries with indices 4 and 5, and in the ifTable, the indices are from 4096 to 4103.
Is there any way to remap the indices I get to the correct ifIndex? The rest of the oid-s from the ip table seem to use the correct ones...

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