Why i can't activate my Firebox m370

I can't activate my Firebox M370, and because of that, I can't renew my license either. It seems that this is because my device was registered under another account (the one from the provider who sold me the equipment). When I tried to remove the device from that account, I couldn't activate it on a new account. I have the credentials for both accounts, and I hope you can help me. Perhaps the solution would be to make the change internally. I have screenshots

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    Open a support case & select Customer Care.
    In the case, tell them the issue & provide a picture of the model/serial number of your firewall.
    They should be able to get it assigned to your account.


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    M370 is previous generation, replaced by current M390, however the M370 is still supported till Jul 2028 but I suspect if you purchased it second hand its already been activated as that is a one time thing. You need to open a support case with WatchGuard customer care explaining the situation and they will probably ask you take a photo of the device to confirm your in physical possession of it. Customer care can transfer the ownership of it from account to another account, then you can renew or activate it if not already activated

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    Thanks for the response. I bought the equipment new, but the issue is that the provider mistakenly activated it with their account. What they should have done is asked me to create one so that I could activate the equipment and enter the license. I also can't create a case because it asks me to assign the case to a team, but since I don't have any registered, I can't complete the process.

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    I've done a transfer of license in the past plus other similar tickets - if you select "Customer Care" as the support case type as Bruce_Briggs mentioned, I believe the serial number field is not a requirement (though one can be filled in), in which case put the serial number into the ticket description instead.

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