2nd EDR Core Update reboot request today ????

I already accepted the reboot earlier today.
Again, Really ?????


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    edited May 1

    My EDR Core update is failing & causing a reboot after the failure - thus I am still getting the update pop-up.
    Working with support on this.
    Will post any resolution.

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    David_David_ WatchGuard Representative

    Hello, @Bruce_Briggs

    If a restart is being constantly asked, it means the device is not able to:
    uninstall the previous version during the reboot, or
    install the newer during restart.

    This behaviour could be due to several reasons, among them:
    Device not being able to execute shutdown and restart scripts (policies)
    Damage protection on the device,
    lack of communication with online servers (errors downloading).

    If you are in contact with Tech support, and have supplied the required logs to study the case, I am sure you will receive an appropriate solution to your specific issue.

    Let us know if you do need anything from us here, on the forum.

    Kind regards,


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    The issue has been forwarded to development for further investigation.

    Selecting "Reinstall protection" via the vertical ellipsis (3 vertical dots) at the end of the specific computer entry did resolve the issue by installing the current version.

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    David_David_ WatchGuard Representative

    Thanks for the Feed Back, @Bruce_Briggs.
    Have a nice Weekend.

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