Firebox M590 - Prioritise traffic for a group of PC


Is there a way to make a small group of PC having high traffic prioriry over everyone ?
no matter what kind of traffic is ? (https, stream, etc)

If yes, how ?



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    Sounds like QoS/Quality of service, look on the advanced tab of the policies and isolate the group of PCs. However, implementing QoS effectively needs to be across as much of the network as possible ideally end to end, enabling on the firewall alone isn’t going to do much, traffic will get prioritised across a few centimetres of the firewall motherboard only and you won’t really notice it. QoS is a lot of work and re adjustment to get right.

    If it’s purely that you have limited bandwidth and wish to prioritise a group of PC’s you can give them a guarantee or even hold back the other PC’s with a limit. If your in a situation with low total bandwidth then squeezing results out of traffic management actions is more difficult.

    https://www.watchguard.com/help/docs/help-center/en-US/Content/en-US/Fireware/qos_trafficmanagement/traffic_mgmt_qos_about_c.html?Highlight=traffic management

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    For now i have created a new rules, with 3 pcs, having a garanteed flow rule on any protocol, i'll check in the next days if it change something or not.

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