Feature Request - Allow Policy Manager to groups several policies or separator line


I am new to watchguard community.

would like to request add a grouping of several policy for easier manage policy. or separator line (can add and remove) would be easier.

Would be appreciate, if can get feature available.



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    I would suggest something slightly different: a search for "where used" for objects. This is available e.g. in Cisco ASA devices and proves to be very helpful when you have many firewall rules. I use tags but sometimes I forge to tag new rules and then I cannot find it without looking at all rules by eye.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @Infra
    If you are in manual order mode, and if you create a policy to/from "firebox" you can use the policy name to make note lines, if that is helpful for you.

    You can also use policy highlighting to color code your rules if that helps you organize


    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    Hi All,

    Million thanks suggest alternatives way to achieve purpose.

    Thanks @Bruce_Briggs suggest tags, i will try out.

    Agree @ovwg address out the issue might happen, manage firewall is not only me alone, my team. Issue might be happen.

    Thanks @""james.carson" suggest policy highlighting.

    We have network segmentation that use firebox for separation, I prefer grouping/line separation instead of policy highlighting, and I think might be easier for my team.

    Since grouping or line separation not available, I will try out Tags and policy highlighting.

    Thanks all.

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    edited April 21

    In WSM Policy Manager, there is an Edit -> Find option, which allows one to search policies for:
    Address (IP,, Network, User, Alias, FQDN, etc.), Port number, Protocol, Tag

    This is in addition to be able to sort on the columns, such as Protocol, Policy Name, From, To, Port, etc.

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    Ah, I did not even know about that option Edit-> Find. You always learn something....

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