EDR slowness on terminal server

Hello everyone,
I am encountering a lot of performance issues, mostly on Windows Server 2019. This is particularly the case on terminal servers. When we install the EDR, the server immediately becomes slower. Chrome takes longer to open, as do PDF, Word, Excel documents, etc. Everything is much slower and unbearable for users, to the point where we have to completely remove it. On one server, we even have a case where upon installing it, we get disconnected from the remote desktop and have to access it through the console from the hypervisor to uninstall the EDR. The environment is thus Windows Server 2019, up to date. All Windows Defender modules are disabled. The IT specialist installs Bitdefender antivirus and has excluded the files recommended by WatchGuard; we have also excluded these Bitdefender files. I hope someone can help us; we have opened several tickets with support, but apart from giving them logs with the WatchGuard tool, we are not making progress.

Thanks in advanced for your help !


  • David_CarroDavid_Carro WatchGuard Representative

    Hello, @SecureMind

    Please check the top right corner for your online console.
    There is a bell, for notifications.
    Please check if you do have the upgrade to latest version available. If so, please apply the upgrade to your console, after reading our upgrading good practices suggestions:

    If the upgrade is not available, please check the protection version installed on the device, and check if it matches the one available on the online console.
    Let us know the results.


    David Carro | Technical support
    WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. | www.watchguard.com

  • Thank you very much for your response. Yes, the console is up to date and the agent has been reinstalled to the new version, but it's still the same. As soon as we activate the antivirus or advanced protection, we immediately notice the slowdown. Thank you for your help.

  • David_CarroDavid_Carro WatchGuard Representative

    My advice, then, would be to open a case to techsupport, so we can study this specific case, and provide a personalised solution.

    David Carro | Technical support
    WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. | www.watchguard.com

  • Hello, did you ever resolve this? We are seeing the same issues

  • no still not...it's the same problem on several servers at the moment... but on Windows Server 2019 it seems for the moment and you?

    edited April 9

    Server 2016, I believe there is a problem with the advanced protection module. It seems to be using a lot more CPU than the older versions of EDR. It gets worse the more users that are logged in. I have a case open with WG.

  • David_CarroDavid_Carro WatchGuard Representative

    As commented before, It would be more helpful to open cases to our support department, in order to study them, so we can provide customised solutions to each case.

    David Carro | Technical support
    WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. | www.watchguard.com

  • I stopped using WG EDR as we had to many weird issues with the product.
    We are running Sentinel One og Heimdal Security without issues on both servers and workstations.


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