New Phone Woes

Got a new iPhone yesterday so I migrated all my WG tokens in the AuthPoint app to my new phone and backed up all the third party tokens.

I received activation emails from WG for the migrated tokens, activated the tokens, then received emails from WG saying the tokens were successfully activated.

Imported all the third party tokens from the backup.

Now if I attempt to login to a server I receive the error:

"You do not have an active token. Please contact your Authpoint Administrator........Error Code 202.006.005"

If I attempt alternate methods of authentication OTP, QR Code etc the login still fails.

However I am able to log into WG Cloud with my token and it works fine, along with all third party tokens.

Is there a simple fix for this? I don't play in Authpoint much at all after initially setting it up so if someone knows where to place the "X" that would be great.


  • Doug

It's usually something simple.


  • Options

    OK Doug, note to self:
    Pull head out of rear and check proper email address associated with Authpoint token for activation.
    Problem resolved.
    :<{ Doug

    It's usually something simple.

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