Static IP shows 169 address

I have some computers on static IP. But recently if the computer restarts, the static IP is replaced by the 169 address. The subnet mask & default gateway shows correct.

I tried the APIPA regex and it still didn't resolve the issue.


From my research this looks like a firewall issue?



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    I would only expect this to result if the client PC is set to get its IP addr via a DHCP server and that server is not available when the client PC requests an IP addr via DHCP.

    Are you sure that this is a static IP addr, and isn't a DHCP reservation?

    You can check the firewall ARP table to see what IP addr is associated with the MAC addr of the client.
    FSM -> Status Report
    Web UI -> System Status -> ARP Table

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    Thank you. Yes, its a static IP. Not DHCP. I set a static IP outside of dhcp reservation, and so far its working.

    Not sure why it was working earlier before the power outage.

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