Multiple DNS Suffixes

Is there a way to have two DNS suffixes in an Ikev2 profile?

Looking for this:



  • You can add this to the AddVPN.ps1 file in the PS folder, below the
    Set-VpnConnectionIPsecConfiguration line.

    Make sure that the ConnectionName matches what you have in the script.

    Set-VpnConnectionTriggerDnsConfiguration -ConnectionName "WG IKEv2" -DnsSuffixSearchList "", "" -PassThru -Force

    Afterwards, upon connection of the IKEv2 session you will see both domain name suffixes listed in an "ipconfig /all" command

  • Great! Thanks.

    How do you do this in an IOS profile?

  • No idea. I have no experiences with them.

  • A quick look at the script for Mac & iOS seems that you can add a 2nd entry in the SearchDomains section, with the same format as the existing string entry since the type for SearchDomains is Array.

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