Any good or bad experiences from 12.5

I really need to update my M400 Cluster still running 11.11.4 and considering to go all the way to 12.5.
Does anyone has any good or bad experiences to share from that version?



  • No issues for me.
    There are just a few Known Issues related to V12.5 on the support site, none of which seem to be show stoppers.

  • If you are coming from firmware before 12.3, watch out for the new SD-WAN policies. Read up on the release notes and review your configuration after the upgrade.

  • SD-WAN applies if you have a multi-WAN setup, especially if you are currently using Policy Based Routing, which is replaced by SD-WAN

  • Everything is fine for me on T10, T15, T30, T35, and T50. I really like the new Warn feature in WebBlocker.

    Gregg Hill

  • V12.5 Update 1 is now out - as of today.
    It has 11 fixes

  • Thank you, Bruce! I have been checking every day for an update.

    Gregg Hill

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