T85 PoE vs M290

I have a T70 HA installation and our subscription is nearing maturity. The hardware is now fairly old, so I'm planning to replace it and I'm considering the T85 PoE as well as the M290.

I've searched the internet for any real world testing of throughput comparisons, without much luck. Does anyone have any direct experience with these two models? Care to offer any comments?

On the one hand, both will be material upgrades to our T70 setup. I'd prefer not to waste money, given the choice. But if the M290 is much more capable or much more reliable than the T85 PoE under live system settings, I'll spend the nominal additional for the M290.


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    I have used T70 previously and migrated to M270. DPI performance improvement was noticeable. Suspect the M290 would be much the same.

    I now have pair of T85 PoEs. Moving from M270 to T85 PoEs...you could feel the difference with DPI...noticeably slower.

    If I was buying again today, I'd go for the M290 over the T85 PoE.

    One other thing I noticed, is that when I start pushing high volume traffic through 10G interface on T85 PoE between vlans, the load can ramp up fast if you have a lot of inspection going on.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your next setup : )

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    Thank you Scott! That is very helpful information. M290 it is...

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