Mobile VPN through 2 firewalls on the same network

Hello Guys,
I have a Watchguard M590 firewall and am doing some labs.

I have my main firebox (M590), which has the router doing DMZ pointing to my firewall, WAN firewall =

And I have interface 2 for an access point with the range. and I have a computer virtualizing a virtual firebox. All this computer traffic is going out through fireboxV.

I have an SSL VPN on the M590 firewall working. And I also wanted to run an SSL VPN on FireboxV, is this possible? What do I have to do?

The public IP is the same on both firewalls.
Thanks guys.


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    To get to the Firebox V, the SSLVPN port needs to be different than the SSLVPN port on your M590.
    On your M590 you need to set up an incoming policy for the Firebox V SSLVPN port with a SNAT which points to

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    100% working! Thank you Bruce ;)

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