Proxy Server Certificate Invalid

Hey Gang,

M470 12.9.4

I just finished updating my third party security certs used for the the access portal, web, and SSL VPN. After I choose the new cert in Policy Manager and save it to the Firebox I receive the following error, which I have never seen before every time I've done this.

"Proxy action - HTTPS-Server.3 is using and invalid Proxy Server certificate. Please select a valid certificate before saving the configuration to the box."

Looking at this particular proxy action I see no way to change the certificate it's using.

Never had this issue before updating the certs on any firebox before.



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It's usually something simple.


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    Under Edit Doman Name Rule there is an option to choose the cert, but it only allows Default

    It's usually something simple.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @shaazaminator

    First, if you're in policy manager, close and re-open policy manager and try again. If you uploaded the cert while policy manager was open, it won't know about it since it read the config when it opened, and not again. If this is a managed device, force it to refresh and let it go to complete before opening policy manager.

    If the proxy action is stuck, I'd try making a new one and moving your proxy to use that -- it should allow it t be selected in that state.

    Failing the above, I'd suggest a support case -- the support team can take a look, see what might have went wrong, and get it fixed.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    Hey James, I was able to use the web interface to install the new cert fine.
    Have closed and opened Policy Manager several times. I'll try creating a new proxy (not cloning) and see what happens.

    It's usually something simple.

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