Setting up Entra MFA for accessing Web UI

I have recently set up and configured a Windows NPS server with the MS Entra MFA extension. We have a hybrid domain so the Azure sync is already set up and running.
I wanted to set up and enable MFA for admins logging into the Web UI of the firebox. Initially when setting up I was able to login via AD credentials supported by NPS/Radius.
After enabling the MFA extension I am unable to sign in with a account that has MFA set up and has been configured (to my best knowledge) correctly in NPS and Watchguard. Watchguard shows the error "No error" and in my NPS event logs I can see that a MFA has been requested but nothing happens. I get no prompt on my phone or no other logs.
Firstly: is this possible?
Secondly: if so, what am I missing?


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    Nevermind. As usual a server restart solved everything.

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