Mobile VPN with SSL - Default Gateway

Hi all,

Model FireboxV-MED
Version 12.9.3.B679093

I am using the Mobile VPN with SSL to connect remote users to our datacentre. All works fine except for the network that connects via the TAP adpater shows as unidentified and therefore Public in the Windows client. Because of this, the Windows firewall settings prevent the servers from initiating communication to the clients. We have a couple of finance users who work from home with printers that our ERP needs to talk to for spooling reports. Without the gateway and the 'Domain' network identified it won't work. If I disable the Windows firewall to test it works fine.

My best guess is if I could put a default gateway IP address into the TAP adapter I could identify the network as the Domain and it would be fine based on Group policy etc.

Can I do this? Nothing in the config of the Mobile VPN with SSL shows the option.

Kind Regards,
Chris Snape

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