Logs disappeared after increasing the hard drive for logs

Hello, I just followed the procedure above :


To increase the hard drive of logs, since I restarted the Dimension VM, I no longer have any logs appearing.
Here are the error messages from the logs :

2024-01-05 07:58:33 UTC LOG: database system was shut down at 2024-01-05 07:58:14 UTC
2024-01-05 07:58:33 UTC LOG: database system is ready to accept connections
2024-01-05 07:58:33 UTC LOG: autovacuum launcher started
2024-01-05 08:00:49 UTC ERROR: out of shared memory
2024-01-05 08:00:49 UTC HINT: You might need to increase max_locks_per_transaction.

I could use a little help, I don't see what I can do to fix my problem. Thank you


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