Proxy over BO-VPN for single website


I have two fireboxes connected with Branch Office VPN.
One single Website or Domain (external), while opened in a Browser, should be redirected over the BOVPN, so that the external IP is that one from the other site.

Can I realize it with a Proxy Rule and how?

Thank you!


  • You can do this if your BOVPN includes the external IP addr of the remote firewall.
    Then any access from the local subnet defined in the BOVPN going to the public IP addr of the remote firewall will go over the BOVPN instead of going out over the Internet.

  • Okay thanks, but I just want that for one website. Where do I define that?

  • I can't think of a way just using a firewall setting/policy.
    If you have an internal DNS server, you could add an entry for the web site domain name with the internal IP add of the remote site web server.

    If no one else offers a suggestion, consider opening a support incident to see if a WG rep can offer a solution.

  • That's really not very easy. I think we now will use a second browser (Firefox) with another proxy on the other side for these connections. I think that should work.

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