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Trying to get Chromecast to work with a laptop and SmartBoard that are on the same subnet. I've imported the policys from https://danthesalmon.com/allow-a-chromecast-through-a-watchguard-firewall/ but still have issues. I'm not sure I've configured those policies correctly though. Any help with getting Chromecast to work would be appreciated. It works fine when the laptop and SmartBoard are connected to a mobile hotspot.

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    If your laptop and the SmartBoard are on the same physical subnet (i.e. both connected to the same switch), then packets between the 2 do not go via the firewall, and thus this is not a firewall issue.

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    They are on the same physical subnet. This is a firewall problem, which is explained in the link in my post. I've also confirmed with Watchguard it's a firewall issue.

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    So what did Watchguard say to indicate that it is a firewall issue?

    If each device was on a different firewall interface, then I can see where it could be a firewall issue.
    That could be the case for the link that you posted - where 1 device is wirelessly connected, and probably was on a different firewall interface that the other device.

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    They're both wireless devices on the same SSID and switch. I'm waiting for support to get back with me again. I've also requested a call back for tomorrow.

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    To what are these 2 wireless devices connected?
    An AP?? Brand & model please.

    FYI - I have 2 wireless connected PCs, connected to a WG AP330 access point, and file transfers between both of them do not go via the firewall, they go directly from 1 PC to the other via the AP.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @abridge

    The specific part of the connection you are referencing, specifically being able to click the 'cast' button and being able to see your device on a list happens via multicast traffic on the local network. In this situation, traffic from the client device to the Chromecast would not traverse to the default gateway (the firewall) and would go directly to that other device (the Chromecast.)

    -I would suggest checking if station isolation/device isolation is turned on via whatever wireless APs you're using. If it is, that will prevent the wireless clients from talking to the Chromecast(s) on the same network.

    -If there is a captive portal or other type of access control device on the wireless network, this may be preventing the Chromecast from completing its connection to the internet. If something like this is enabled, please ensure that it's disabled for the Chromecast specifically. The Chromecast will usually display some kind of error on the TV it is connected to if it can't get to the internet.

    If your Chromecast came with an ethernet adapter, try plugging the Chromecast into the firewall, bypassing the wireless, and do the same with a computer on your network. Plugged into the same physical network, can your PC see the Chromecast? If so, it's likely a setting on your AP causing an issue.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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