Block Streaming site during bedtime

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Hello everyone, I'm new in using M470 i would like to seek your help to block streaming site during bedtime (11:00 PM till 6:00 AM) hope someone here can guide me to achieve this task. Thanks


  • While one can set up a schedule on a policy, such as to allow sites during a specific time period, I recall that if there is an existing session, that it will not be terminated when the policy schedule allowing those sessions ends.
    So, that makes blocking existing sessions much mode difficult.
    Application Control does have a category for streaming sites.

    A way that comes to mind is to use a DNS proxy, and in the Query Names section, one can add domain names including using wild cards, to prevent successful name resolution. This would require you to identify the domain names needed to be blocked for this to work. Set up this policy with a Schedule for the desired hours.
    Note that if the app can continue to run without doing a DNS lookup, then this method would not work.

  • Also note that if you have DNSWatch set to enforce, DNS policies in ones configs are not processed.

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