Zabbix / 4 mib number not working with M590 fw 12.10


I have 4 mib number not wotking with Zabbix and iReasoning Browser, cant have a answer but still good inside de mib file from watchguard

wgSystemCurrActiveConns = .
wgSystemCpuUtil1 = .
wgSystemTotalRecvBytes = .
wgSystemTotalSendBytes = .

from this zabbix template for watchguard:


I have do a modification to see the name of the interface inside the file
name: 'Network interfaces'
snmp_oid: 'discovery[{#SNMPVALUE},.]' not working
snmp_oid: 'discovery[{#SNMPVALUE},.]' working fine for name
key: ifDescr
delay: 1d
description: |
You may also consider using IF-MIB::ifType or IF-MIB::ifAlias for discovery depending on your filtering needs.

after many test not working with this template and 4 mib value

Do you have any idea why I cant see the values

Thank you for your help


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    For a quick test, I tested the following in Zabbix from a M390 using the MIBS OID detail from here:


    If I enter the OID as shown, it does not work.
    wgSystemCurrActiveConns; No Such Instance currently exists at this OID
    adding the .0 to the end of the OID does pass the test and gives me a result.

    I was able to add the 4 MIBS you listed successfully. I do see in your message there is a leading dot at the beginning of your OID, could this be the problem?

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    Thank you for your reply

    This my config for zabbix, I already have the .0 and not working for me with zabbix 6.4.8

    for . before 1.3.6 is ok for other value !

    I just realized that it is the same value for the reception and transmission mib !!! wow the template is wrong here

    I will do other test, any idea ?

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    Hi again

    last news ... very weird

    with and get bulk I can read all value exception of 2 last value

    and if I select last value and get bulk again now I have the value !!!!

    Why 2 get bulk to read all value ?????????? and the value .0 with just get no answer ???

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    Sorry, I can't explain what you're seeing. I quickly tried out the iReasoning MIB Browser, but it looks like the free version only runs v1 and v2, but I'm running SNMP v3 on the M390, so I can't replicate what you're seeing.

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    the free version you can't v3 :(

    unless you go with linux command line with snmp function

    I will continue my test

    Thank you

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