AP200 unable to get feature key after a factory reset

We are still running some AP200's and after running into some issues, we decided to perform a factory reset on one. I know the device is EOL, but WatchGuard had previously had a "never" expiration for Basic Wi-Fi AP's so I didn't expect to lose it's license.

I just discovered that the "Manage Products" on the Support Center no longer shows any of the AP200's we have (nor any previously registered but out of support devices that used to be listed ), so I'm unable to retrieve it from there.

How/where can I retrieve the licenses for our AP200's?


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    I expect that Customer Care can help here.
    Open a support case (use the SUPPORT CENTER link above - top right) and choose Select Record Type = Customer Care
    Include the serial number of your AP in the case.

    FYI - I still see my old AP200 in my list of products in "Manage Your Products", but there is no way to see anything related to it anymore since that section of the web site was updated.
    The Manage Products -> Secure Wi-Fi does not show my AP200 or AP300.
    Not the best implementation IMHO.

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    Sadly Support won't do anything. Even though I cited Article ID:000012429, which states that a Basic Wi-Fi AP will have a expiration of Never, they are replying with "You must have a current valid AP subscription to receive support for a WatchGuard AP" and are stating that I need to renew my AP's to a newer model because these models are end of life.

    It looks like once a Basic Wi-Fi unit falls out of firebox management, there is no getting it back regardless of what WatchGuard had previously stated.

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    Perhaps James will comment here.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    @CraigS @Bruce_Briggs If you can give me a case number I can try to track down what the issue might be. AP200 should still be able to produce a feature key so long as the devices weren't retired or traded up in your account.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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