Using CLI to Configure BGP

Hello Watchguard Experts!
I have 25 Fireboxs that I need to set up BGP routing on and I would like to do this with a python script using Netmiko if it is possible. Everything seems to work fine with Netmiko and login into the firebox however, I can not find the commands to configure BGP. The only thing I can find in configure mode is "ip dynamic-routing bhp enable" but I can't find where to place the configuration. Is this possible to do bap configuration from the CLI?

Also, if there is a better way to push out configuration like this please let me know. I looked at the API but that is cloud only. The Sever manager looks interesting but didn't look like it support this type of configuration. Thank you for your help, it is also appreciated!


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    In the CLI, you can import a BGP configuration.

    import route-config bgp from (location |console)

    See page 76 in the current CLI reference manual.

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    Perfect, thank you for the help!

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