License key Firebox T50

After two regular renewal, my license has finally expired on 2/23/2022.
Since that date, I have been struggling with the re-seller to get a license key to be able to change rules in my webblocker... No way to buy a no one : the reseller tells me to buy a new firewall. My T50 associated with a complete wifi infrastructure are working fine, I do not want to change anything. What could you propose to me ?


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    The T50 went End of Life on 30 Jun 2023, so you can't purchase any licenses for this unit.

    There is a current Red For Red Trade-Up offer.
    "Red for Red, WatchGuard's Trade-Up Promotion, enables existing Firebox users to get our latest technology by upgrading to a new Firebox with three-year Total Security Suite subscription and only pay for the cost of the services. Our Red For Red promotion is like getting the appliance for free! "


    Here is a comparison of the T50 with a new T25 & T45:

    List prices for tradeup to a T25: List Price: $1,570.00 WGT25673
    and to a T45: List Price: $2,625.00 WGT45673
    There are resellers which offer some discounts to the list price shown.

    Your other choices:
    . contact Customer Care and get a license key without WebBlocker for your T50. Once your WB license has expired, it no longer works anyway.
    . purchase a new firewall with just the Basic Security Suite. There is no option for the T25 & T45 to purchase only a WebBlocker license - you need to get the Basic Security Suite or Total Security Suite to use WebBlocker.

    Some sample list prices - and again there may be discounts from these prices from resellers:
    T25 with 1-yr Basic Security Suite WGT25031 List Price: $638.00
    T25 with 3-yr Basic Security Suite WGT25033 List Price: $1,025.00

    T45-PoE with 1-yr Basic Security Suite WGT47031-US List Price: $1,210.00
    T45-PoE with 3-yr Basic Security Suite WGT47033-US List Price: $1,930.00

    Basic Security Suite Includes:
    Standard Support(24x7), Application Control, WebBlocker, spamBlocker, Gateway Antivirus, Intrusion Prevention Service, Reputation Enabled Defense, and Network Discovery)

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