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Hi all, can dimesion show me the exact url that a user has visited?

Thx all


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    Yes, if you have HTTP & HTTPS proxies in your config and the appropriate logging enabled on them.

    Dimension gets what you see in Traffic Monitor.
    So make sure that you see the URL in Traffic Monitor allow entries from the proxies.

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    I have http & https proxies and send log to dimension, but in the executive dashboard i can see only main domains and main destination, not the exact url

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    You can see them in the Dimension Logs.

    The Executive Dashboard is only a summary, and does not have details such as full URLs.

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    where do I find the complete URLs?

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    edited October 2023

    In the Dimension Logs, or in Client -> Details
    There is a URL Audit Detail report.

    For Client -> Details, you need to specify an IP addr for the client or a full authentication user name, or a host name which is known to Dimension.

    All of the Dimension standard reporting categories are summary info, and only show domains, not URLs.

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    For example i watched in my pc a youtube video, but i cannot find the specific url, but only the main site

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    Do you see the URLs in Traffic Monitor???
    If not, then you will not see them in Dimension.
    To see URLs for HTTPS, your need Inspect enabled because HTTPS traffic is encrypted.
    To have Inspect enabled, you need to have the HTTPS certificate from the firewall installed on your PC.

    Review this:
    HTTPS-Proxy: Content Inspection

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    Thx Bruce, works all

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