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I don't use the web UI much, but I noticed that when a interface is down it isn't displayed under the Dashboard > Interfaces as being down. Nor is it displayed as down under Networking > Interfaces.
The only way I see my down interface is via the Dashboard > Interfaces > Detail tab and there it shows a down interface if you look closely.

If an interface is down (and it's supposed to be up) can that be listed in the Front Panel as like "hey there is a problem here" or at least on the Interfaces part of the Dashboard as down? Also, have it shown as down under Networking > Interfaces?

That shouldn't be too difficult I would think.


  • Doug

It's usually something simple.


  • Options

    Maybe I should clarify.
    I'm running SD-WAN and currently have one external Internet connection down. The firebox is still connected to the ISP's router, and the router is up, so the Web UI displays the link as up. Which it technically is to the ISP router, but the connection is actually down due to cut fiber on the ISP side of the router.
    SD WAN obviously sees this, just would be nice to have it more prominently displayed in the Web UI as down.
    That make sense?

    It's usually something simple.

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