T30W migration to T45W

Hi, I am not an IT specialist, but generally know enough to get by.

We have currently a T30W which is out of support, and so our IT company were badgering us to upgrade.

We have also just had our incoming fibre leased line speed increased and the existing T30 is unable to handle the new speed. We are based in the UK.

We have therefore purchased a new T45W, but our IT company are unable to book in the install for approx. 6 weeks.

I have read the guides and have exported an XML file, and searched and changed references of T30 to T45, and have uploaded it to the Watchguard portal, and I have connected the box using an existing network port and then to my computer. I can access the web UI, I also managed to obtain the Feature Serial key, but I don't seem to be able to get the previous XML file imported.

The incoming service which would normally feed directly into the firebox is on a fixed IP and the "router" does not handle DHCP, should this be the information I add during the setup wizard?

Sorry for long post, but if anyone is able to provide any links or help or if you are able to advise how to set up without internet connection it would be appreciated.


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