Wake-on-LAN Diagnostic Tool

Hi there,

I would like to see a Wake-on-LAN diagnostic tool built into the Firebox. This would allow an admin connected to the firewall to remotely wake a device on the LAN when no other device is available to remote into onsite.



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    Or a packet filter that will pass WOL packets over an SSLVPN. That would work for me.

    Gregg Hill

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    I've opened up a bug report/enhancement years ago, there is currently no Wake On Lan support at all through the Firebox itself. Hopefully it gets added in the future, but it doesn't seem like its a high demand feature.

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    edited January 2020


    works fine (in case when you use kind of WOL APP) via SSLVPN/IPSEC/L2TP dialup when using static ARP entry for given ip/mac adress.

    in my case im powering up my Synology NAS via the DS_FINDER app (synology), but should work with other magic packet senders aswell...

    RFE: WOL feature on Firebox : diagnostic task would be great , i use kind of DD-WRT running on old TP-link router which can be mis-used as WOL packet sender ;-)


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